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Eskimo Fashion Knitwear (Private) Limited Recognized for Longevity and Contribution to Sri Lanka’s Economy


Eskimo Fashion Knitwear (Private) Limited, a longstanding cornerstone of Sri Lanka’s apparel industry, was honoured recently, by the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka. This recognition marks their enduring commitment as one of the oldest foreign investors still actively contributing to the nation’s economy. Among the multitude of contenders, only ten esteemed companies were bestowed with the prestigious longevity award, underscoring Eskimo Fashion Knitwear’s remarkable journey and unwavering dedication to Sri Lanka.

Established on October 15th, 1980, Eskimo Fashion Knitwear embarked on its commercial voyage on June 30th, 1983. With deep roots in German ownership, the company has been a beacon of reliability and excellence for over four decades. Initially operating from a single factory block spanning eighteen acres in Negombo, the company has since undergone substantial expansion. Presently, its Negombo facility sprawls across ten acres, comprising six buildings that stand as a testament to its growth and resilience.

In a testament to its commitment to growth and innovation, Eskimo Fashion Knitwear expanded its operations beyond Negombo. In 1999, it ventured into the Pallakelle Free Trade Zone, bolstering its manufacturing capabilities. Subsequently, in 2011, a third manufacturing facility was established in Punanai near Batticaloa, further solidifying its presence and impact across Sri Lanka.

From its humble beginnings with 200 employees, Eskimo Fashion Knitwear has evolved into a thriving enterprise that now provides livelihoods for over 1,600 individuals. This remarkable journey of growth and empowerment is further proof to the vision and leadership of Michael-Lohs family and its present Managing Director, Manik Santiapillai, whose guidance has been instrumental in steering the company towards success while fostering a culture of innovation and inclusivity.

As Eskimo Fashion Knitwear continues to chart new horizons, it remains committed to its core values of quality, sustainability, and community engagement. Through its continued investments and unwavering dedication, the company not only contributes to Sri Lanka’s economy but also enriches the lives of its people, embodying the spirit of partnership and progress.

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