We offer a comprehensive range of business support services, events and guidance. 

As the partner for success, AHK Sri Lanka offers a comprehensive range of market entry support services which will provide the critical initial support and guidance you require when entering the market. Further, we will provide continued long-term support as you expand your local activities either in Germany or Sri Lanka.

For your success:

We create platforms to address your business challenges through our vast political and business network.

AHK Sri Lanka aims at improving business relations through addressing the common business challenges within the country. We offer different platforms for the German-Sri Lankan dialogue between businesses and politics to address the current challenges and expedite the solutions.

For your advocacy:

  • Sector Committees
  • German-Sri Lankan Fast Track Dialogue initiative: Business and Politics Get-Together
  • EU-Sri Lankan Investor Dialogue

We conduct and coordinate your German dual vocational training program.

The system of dual vocational training combines in-company training in the workplace with school education in vocational schools or training centers, and prepares trainees for the successful transition to working life. The hands-on training of skilled workers is a unique feature of the German dual vocational training.

For your know-how: