Market Entry Support

Under the brand name " #PartnerInSriLanka", AHK Sri Lanka offers a comprehensive range of market entry support services which will provide the critical initial support and guidance you require when entering the market and will provide continued long term support as you expand your local activities either in Germany or Sri Lanka.


What we do

Address Research

As a first step towards market entry it is often recommended to conduct an individual research for business contacts in the both Sri Lankan and German markets. All you need to do is specify your requirements. Accordingly, we will identify the matching contact profiles of  German-based or Sri Lankan-based companies. Both our broad business network and our access to up-to-date databases as well as to numerous coordinated sources of information ensure a reliable result. 

Individual Market Advice


You receive individual pre-market check for your product or your service. Based on initial market information, you could decide whether to take further steps for market entry, and if so, how to proceed.

Export Promotion

Knowledge about the German and Sri Lankan market and characteristics of its society and culture are essential for a successful market entry. AHK Sri Lanka provides market information and assists companies to promote their exports and investments. Further, AHK Sri Lanka offers unbiased and professional industry specific and products information.

Business Partner Search


#PartnerInSriLanka provides competent business partners and put companies in contact with potential trade representatives and partners, manufacturers and customers through comprehensive target group-oriented research. You will find credible business partners and trade representatives in Germany and Sri Lanka. Business Partner Search comprises 3 phases. 

PHASE I   - Feasibility Study 

PHASE II  - Database Collection & sending of a list of companies to the client

PHASE III - Database Collection, Mailing, Circulation of enquiry, communication with potential partners, following up