Sector Committees

AHK Sri Lanka aims at improving business relations and identifying common business interests through industry-specific Sector Committees. AHK Sri Lanka Sector Committees provide an efficient forum for committee members to network, advocate and to discuss matters of particular interest and relevance to their sector. AHK Sri Lanka has already established the sector committees for German investors, Logistic and Maritime, Construction, Tourism and Healthcare.


AHK Sri Lanka Sector Committees


The Agriculture Sector Committees of AHK Sri Lanka is one of the more active sector committees that discuss various issues and opportunities in improving business relations in the industry. Recent topics of discussion include the government regulations on fertilizer, improving the organic agriculture sector, expected quality and certification schemes, export regulations, cold storage, and other infrastructure of supply chains in Sri Lanka. 

Construction and Water

The Construction sector committee meetings are organized with the attendance business representatives, construction-related associations, and other stakeholders to foster collaboration and dialogue to propose innovative solutions that tangibly improve safety and capital efficiency in the Sri Lankan construction sector. 

Health and Medical Care

With relevant industry authorities, stakeholders, and the perspective of German business in Sri Lanka, the Health and Medical Care sector committee strives to contribute to the ongoing business regulations and policy discussions to improve the entire healthcare ecosystem in Sri Lanka. 


The Tourism sector committee has used the AHK Sri Lanka platform to advocate for the promotion of Sri Lanka as a key destination for recreation, sport and ayurvedic tourism purpose, facilitating greater market access with local and foreign stakeholder and further maintaining a close dialogue with industry stakeholder to drive the industry forward. 

Human Resources

AHK Sri Lanka introduced the Human Resources (HR) sector committee as a platform to network, share best-practices from leaders in the industry and improve human resources across industries. As part of the HR sector committee, a survey was conducted by AHK Sri Lanka on the topic of 'Employee Management and Compensation'. The full report can be accessed here


The Investor sector committee aims to protect the interest of German investors in Sri Lanka, while fascilitating a business-friendly environment to encourage more Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) to the country. The committees play an important role in achieving the mission and long-term goals of investor companies – helping to ensure that there's solid infrastructure in place to encourage investment and market expansion. 

Logistic and Maritime

The Logistic and Maritime sector committee includes leading companies with a portfolio covering integrated logistics, maritime and port services, freight forwarding, courier, airline GSA, and maritime education. Experts from the industry together with the stakeholders aim to create a sustainable and efficient industry. 

Why AHK Sri Lanka- Sector Committees?


AHK Sri Lanka is a strong advocate for the concerns of committee members. Specially, through position papers, direct engagement, and specialized events, AHK Sri Lanka will lobby the government of Sri Lanka on behalf of sector committee members. 


AHK Sri Lanka-sector committee members have the opportunity to network at all appropriate levels. The AHK Sri Lanka hosts high-level business and government leaders, from Germany, at events where committee members could discuss topics directly related to their businesses. In addition, sector committee members regularly have the opportunity to network among themselves, creating new relationships important for business development.